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 1000 words in a week! Efficiently!

  1. 1000 words? Is it a large or small amount?

    1. Average man uses ca. 2,000 words for everyday communication.
    2. Written texts, which do not refer to specialist fields of knowledge, in vast majority consist of basic 5,000 words.
    3. There are dictionaries that describe 15,000 words by means of 500 basic words.
    4. 10-year-old child has a vocabulary of 6000 words.
    5. In Memolingua, basic dictionaries are at:
      1. Elementary level ca. 1,000 words
      2. Intermediate level further 1,500 words and phrases
      3. Advanced level further 4,000 words and phrases
    6. The basic databases in Memolingua provide the possibility of learning key and the most often used words in a language, providing a solid basis for further learning. (e.g. by means of specialist vocabulary databases
    7. This means that at this pace, after a month, you can have vocabulary, which will enable everyday functioning in a foreign language speaking environment, allow understanding even advanced written texts with the help of additional dictionary.
  2. In a week?

    1. By means of Memolingua, the ordinary pace of learning usually exceeds 2,000 words per week.
    2. This pace is of course slower at the beginning but it increases with time. The most ambitious persons are able to learn at a pace exceeding 10,000 words per week.
    3. The pace of 1,000 words per week can be achieved by learning for not more than 30 minutes per day.
    4. This means that you can learn in your free time irrespective of other activities. Everyone will find 30 minutes for learning per day.
  3. Efficiently.

    1. Memolingua is a mobile application that uses a unique/innovative/proprietary learning system based on brain research and brain processes of remembering.
    2. Owing to the use of methods of Memory Techniques, the efficiency of remembering for average user exceeds 80% after one remembering cycle.
    3. The individual material selection computer system allows for optimisation of time spent for learning.
    4. This application enables progress control and gives the real picture of remembered material.
    5. This means that you learn once and you learn efficiently, you do not waste any efforts on non-effective cramming. Learning becomes pleasure because you know that you have learned something.

 Operating principles:

What is Memolingua:

Memolingua is a mobile application, providing the user with a method, a system of learning and remembering based on Remembering Techniques supported socially. The application itself is free of charge, you buy databases for learning.

What can you learn:

Currently, we offer basic language databases for learning vocabulary in the following languages:
  • English,
  • German,
  • French,
  • Spanish,
  • Polish.
Each of them is offered in three levels:
  • Elementary, 800 words,
  • Extended, 1,500 words and phrases,
  • Advanced, 4,000 words and phrases.
Currently, further databases are being developed:
  1. Other languages will be introduced: Italian, Portuguese, in the future also Chinese, Japanese…
  2. Specialised databases concerning professional work (legal, construction vocabulary) as well as leisure time (sailing, mountain climbing) are also being developed.
  3. Databases dedicated to specific examinations will be also available. They will contain full vocabulary required at a given level (Delph, CAE, etc.).
Memolingua application enables also the creation of databases by its uses and selling those databases by means of this application. You want to share your knowledge and sell it by means of the most innovative learning platform, learn more ->

What do you need in order to use it?

You can use Memolingua platform by means of a web browser and mobile devices. Currently, the following systems are supported:
  • Web browsers working with:
  • iOS-controlled devices, version iOS 5 or higher.
There are ongoing works so that the platform would also have dedicated applications in Android market and in the future also in other systems. For optimum system operation, internet access is required. For mobile devices, offline learning is possible, however, synchronisation of acquired knowledge and application update are necessary from time to time. The platform does not need to be installed on a computer, it should work on each ordinary system, it does not require installation of non-typical elements. However, in case of technical problems, do not hesitate to contact our support department.-> Regardless of the platform we use, a personalised profile is updated and available. You can learn at home on your desktop computer, after leaving your home, you can continue learning on your smartphone and after coming to school, you can sit in your IT class, log in to your profile and continue learning. Owing to e-service, you can learn everywhere and anytime according to the rhythm of your day. Such convenient form of accessing this application exerts also continuous pressure on learning, eliminating potential excuses.

How much does it cost?

The application itself in appstore or the access to the platform via web browser are free of charge. You can use it after registration and logging in to individual user’s account. The costs of databases are the following: Basic databases to learn languages:
  • Elementary level: 2 EUR
  • Extended level: 5 EUR
  • Advanced level: 10 EUR
Apart from the above, the prices of databases are individual depending on their size and complexity. They can be found in the app store. There will be also free of charge databases, as promotion and award for various achievements in the application. It is clear that language databases are available for everyone, the price is not a barrier to use the most innovative platform for learning vocabulary. It is possible owing to the vast availability of the platform and the potential number of its users.

How much time do I need in order to learn?

For average users, learning 200 words in 15 minutes is not a problem. Recommended learning cycles are fifteen-minute-long, they consist of learning and consolidating the selected group of words. The number of words in one lesson depends on the pace of learning and adjusted so that the 15-minute-long lesson would be fully used. Certainly, everyone willing to do so can take more than one lesson per day if learning at increased pace is required.

Why does Memolingua teach efficiently?

Below, there is a description of several basic features that distinguish Memolingua from other learning applications. If you want to know more about this method of learning, please visit ->
  1. Modern Remembering Techniques are used for remembering and they are based on scientific research concerning remembering processes. We use the initial potential of our brain in optimum manner. This proprietary method of the application authors has been proven effective -> Guinness record holder…
  2. You learn by using many senses. For the remembering process, we use picture, animation, sound, written word, emotion and humour. Owing to that, the synergy of remembering process occurs.
  3. The application algorithm precisely recognises and adjusts to individual features of each user, becoming an interactive teacher that holds your hand through all stages of the learning process. On the basis of obtained information, it calculates the sequence of word repetitions on an ongoing basis, the increase of learning pace and covered material. It recommends increasing or decreasing the pace of learning, suggests best solutions, reminds about repetitions.
  4. Owing to the proprietary system of repetitions, each minute of learning is used to the maximum. The application focuses on more frequent repetition of problematic words and adjustment of the amount of material taking into account the possible time of learning. Maintaining the proportion of new words to repeated words and elimination of words, which are consciously marked as known, allow not to waste time on worthless repetitions.
  5. You do not learn alone. By means of the social part of the application, you can use the accumulated experience of other users. The application can suggest solutions that are optimal for others and your experience in learning can be used by others.
  6. Learning forces creativity, stimulates imagination, is not boring. It causes increase of general ability to remember also in other fields of knowledge. The method of remembering developed during the work with Memolingua can be used for other fields of knowledge.
  7. This application uses many motivating activities based on modern principles of gamisation: you are able to precisely observe your progress, also compare with others, accomplish various tasks in the application which can be exchanged for special databases. You can share your results with others on social networking platforms and even create your own databases and share or sell them to others.
  8. Learning of spoken language is based on recordings of speakers of different sexes, ages, origin or social class. Selection of a speaker in a given moment is done randomly. It enables learning and understanding of real spoken language and also creates the awareness of vast spectrum of possibilities of pronunciation of a given word. As a result of listening to various accents, there is no problem with communicating in a given language with real people.
  9. You learn specially selected database of words, which are statistically most often used in a given language. Therefore, you are certain that you learn words, which you will need and that you optimally use your time to learn language basics as quickly as possible.